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Best Reebok Nano

The Reebok Nano 5.0 has scored the best Cross training shoes for men & women, since the introduction of the Nano line in 2011, Reebok has been upgrading and modifying the Nano line making it one of the best shoes for Crossfit, and as the years roll by, they bring out a new variety that is full of a lot of newbies. Reebok as a renowned sports shoemaker has made wonderful improvements in the 5.0, so am just going to make it simplified so that people like me will find it easy to get all the information they need in making a good choice and value for their money.


First the Features of  Reebok  Crossfit Nano 5.0


• Has CMEVA for better cushioning, anatomical heel and dependable lift

• DuPont™ Kevlar® infused mesh upper provides excellent airflow and Robust durability

• Has a rugged RopePro carbon rubber that is capable of holding up against demanding CrossFit maneuvers

• Has NanoShell which provides resistance against midsole abrasion and supports for heavy lifting

• Has a Raised outsole lug that improves surface area contact and traction

• Comes with a 3MM toe to heel drop platform for advanced stability


Now let’s see the positive things which are actually the pros of this best reebok nano



  1. Design: It is made out of breathable materials (Kevlon) which keeps one’s feet dry even during the most intense Crossfit sessions, it also has the toes protected, your toes don’t get to hurt unlike similar products you can see in the market, and the fun thing about this shoe is that it gives you better comfort as you continue using it, and with the great collection of colours, it adds some customized style and boldness during practice and CrossFit sessions as well as casual hangouts.
  2.  Upper Design: The shoe is lightweight, weighing 269grams, this shoe is rigid and provides enough stability even when you tend to jump into a squat position, DuPont™ Kevlar® infused upper materials helps keep the sweating in check and enhances the breathing of the skin and also does not discomfort the feet in any way giving you an indisputable level of cushioning and comfort.
  3.  Outer Sole: The traction level of this shoe is top notch, it really renders enough grip both on track and indoor, fast start-up and maneuvers during CrossFit and weight lifts, it also has a custom designed NanoShell and MetaSplit technology that makes the Crossfit Nano 5.0 a shoe that renders awesome adaptation to both feet and terrain tremendously making it undoubtedly one of the best CrossFit shoes for women.
  4. Other exciting features: The specially designed synthetic RopePro carbon construction can withstand rigorous CrossFit maneuvers and the Nanoshell sure gives protection from abrasion during heavy lifting sessions, this shoe is also one of the few CrossFit shoes that look good during a workout and on casual hangouts.

So After all, it is a nice buy with great value for money and best cross training shoes for men & women, it also makes CrossFit activities fun, but it is difficult to see something that is overall good, the Reebok nano 5.0 sure has a few flaws and thus,


  1.   The shoe is not optimized for track activities because it is stiff and a little on the heavy side for such an activity
  2. . Despite all the good features and a perfect blend of technological advancement in the shoe, customers think it’s a bit pricey.
  3. The usually padded tongue that was used in the predecessors have been replaced with a Kevlon material, so one needs a good pair of socks in order to rock this kick if you are concerned about extra comfort.
  4. The size is also one to contend with, customers tend to buy a half to one size bigger than their actual size while people with narrow feet will have trouble with the fitting.

 Final Verdict:

The Reebok Nano 5.0 best crossfit shoes for women is an amazing pair to get hold of, it does more than the books say, and so if you are a Crossfit enthusiast, this is one pair that should adorn your closet. Its lightweight and kevlon provide an unrivaled comfort for Crossfit and heavy lifting workouts.


reebok nano 5.0
reebok nano 5.0